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mae Envelope, Curing Tubes, Bladder (Italy)MIG is a rubber industry with headquarters and factory located in Anagni, Italy, and has close to 50 years’ experience in the tyre retreading field. MIG manufactures and exports curing tubes, bladders and envelopes worldwide. They are able to comply with all demands from retreaderswhether it is “hot type plants” with tube or bladders presses, or “precured type plants” with double envelope/tube or rimless envelope system
ferlex Tyre Autoclave (Brazil)Ferlex has over 30 years’ experience in producing more than 2,000 autoclave for various purposes in Brazil from light truck to OTR tyre and ranging from 6-tyre to 30-tyre. With safety, quality and breakthrough technology, Ferlex autoclave provides high output and uniformity in production line to our clients.
matteuzzi Buffing, Grinding, Trimming Equipment (Italy)Matteuzzi was founded in 1956 and is located near Bologna, Italy. Since its establishment, it has produced a vast range of machinery and equipment for different sectors sharing one thing in common: manufactured rubber goods (tyres in particular).Matteuzzi produces machines for new tyre manufacturers, as well as tyreretreaders for cars, light trucks, trucks, earthmovers and aircraft.
steinbichler Tire Testing System (Germany)SteinbichlerOptotechnik is a worldwide leading supplier of optical measuring and testing technology.Since the company´s foundation in 1980 (Labor Dr. Steinbichler) and 1987 (SteinbichlerOptotechnik GmbH), they have developed and marketed highly precise systems with corresponding software solutions for a wide range of applications (following the consolidation of both companies in 2005, they now operate as SteinbichlerOptotechnik GmbH):
extrusion Rubber Extruder (Germany)The VMI-AZ extrusion division of TKH Deutschland GmbH specialises in rubber extruders, pre-formers and retread systems. It has over 75 years of experience in high quality development, manufacturing and service.Products produced by theextrusion division include pin-type and gear pump extruders, straining, high precision rubber feeding and retread systems.These innovative systems have been acknowledged and proven as reliable assets within global production environments.VMI-AZ’s success is defined from a dedicated commitment to supply innovative and reliable services and equipment on a constant basis.
b-j Buffing Rasp, Blades & Carbide (USA)B&J founded in 1942, is the unquestioned industry leader in tire buffing products for the retread industry. B&J Manufacturing revolutionized the tire buffing process by introducing a system using blades rather than tacks, the now famous B&J Rocket Rasps. Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, B&J continued to be at the forefront of new blade technology, introducing names that became synonymous with retreading such as Saturn, Apollo, Gemini and Eagle.
four-jet 4Jet- Laser Tyre Marking (Germany)Since foundation in 2006, 4JET has become a leading supplier of laser systems and technologies for surface processing in Germany. They innovative laser systems for ablation, cleaning, patterning and modification of high-quality surfaces. By combining laser process technology, optics, software and mechanical engineering they create integrated production systems.
newfinix Supplying high quality patches and sanding drum.
Collision Repair Equipment (Italy)

For more than 30 years, Car-O-Liner has provided the automotive industry with safe and profitable collision repair systems, including Technical Development, Training and Service. Over 45 000 Car-O-Liner Collision Repair Systems are in use worldwide.

Car-O-Liner products are well known for their high quality, advanced technology and ergonomic design. According to their customers, Car-O-Liner’s collision repair equipment is the best made, the easiest to learn, the simplest to use and the most productive.

Spray Painting Booth (Italy)

Founded in 1968, almost 45 years of experience have made Nova Verta International a world leader in manufacturing spray-painting equipment with downdraft technology. Their equipment is sold at all latitudes in training-centres, research and development institutes, leading vehicle and boats manufacturers, body-car repairers and formula one teams.

Truck & Bus Body Repair & Alignment System (Sweden)

JOSAM was founded in 1972, they are one of the worldwide leaders in equipment and methods for alignment and straightening of commercial vehicles.

JOSAM’s straightening equipment makes it possible to effectively and qualitatively repair damage to vehicle frames and chassis instead of replacing these components. This means that there is a significant economic advantage for all concerned.

wielanderschill_karosseriewerkzeug_logo Car-body Repair Tool (Germany)

Wieländer+Schill is a specialist supplier of professional car-body repair tool. For more than 35 years, Wieländer+Schill has concentrated on new and innovative products.

Flexibility and high quality standards are a guarantee for customers worldwide.

Environment Control Equipment (Italy)

Filcar is present in over 100 countries around the world, they are one of the partner we work with to supply:

  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction with Filtration System
  • Fumes and Dust Extraction with Filtration System
  • Fluid & Energy Supply Management
Spray Gun Washer Equipment (Sweden)


Infra-Drying System